Day 4 SPoR in Europe

After a day in and half of semiotic overload and cultural saturation of Vienna we started our first day of Social Psychology of Risk; Culture with Mondi.

Mondi has been implementing the Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) in a measured pace. This trip marks the first opportunity to share in person after the Global Pandemic.

SPoR understands Culture as more than ‘what we do around here’. One of the most interesting conversations and mapping for the day was around two statements that we held in tension.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure.

What counts cannot be counted.

We mapped what was considered important to the group in terms of Culture, none of it was measurable.

The groups decided at the end of the day, Culture is messy, wicked and beyond common forms of knowing. A great deal of time was spent sharing how culture is experienced in being and sharing the centrality of religion to most of the cultures in the room.

It became clear after the workshop and in preparation of our culture walk that the most effective way of understanding culture was semiotically, experientially and embodied.

Many of the mythical presentations common to Safety’s understanding of culture were deconstructed and put in perspective. Most of the day was framed around the semiotic of the Culture Cloud and this helped many people in Safety to move away from simplistic, behaviourist understanding of Culture.

The day concluded with a wonderful Cultural experience of immersing ourselves in Austrian food.

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