CLLR Special Edition Newsletter – Giveaways Update

Originally posted on January 30, 2019 @ 6:46 PM

CLLR Special Edition Newsletter – Giveaways Update

This is a special edition newsletter to advise on changes over the Christmas/New Year to websites, free downloads and changes to studies.

Free Books

There are now Two books available for free download:

Real Risk, Human Discerning and Risk (book 3 in the series on risk) is now free as a download:
Just login, submit your details and the book is yours. Your details will be included in the newsletter database.

Fallibility and Risk, Living With Uncertainty (book 7 in the series on risk) remains as a free download:

Look out for the new ebook (eighth in the series) due mid year.

Free Podcasts

All free podcasts have now been shifted to the SPoR site to help streamline the three websites:

The three websites are: – the home for a Social Psychology of Risk – The Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk – training in risk and safety

Free Videos

Free videos are available here:
And here:

The Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk (book 5) video series is here:
The Risky Conversations Talking Book is here:

Online Learning Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk – PERTH/DARWIN

Some news for our friends in Perth. We have decided to open up online learning modules for Perth and Darwin due to continued appeals because of distance. So, Perth and Darwin people can now study all modules, including the introductory module online.  Simply register as a Overseas student ( and you will be appointed a mentor, login to videos and access to all resources.

Retirement Plans and the Future

This is my last year of hectic travel as I shift the focus in education and training to the new CLLR training facility in Canberra.  Some of the work in SPoR that involved substantial travel will now be undertaken by associates (

You will notice that most modules in Semester One and Two are now based in Canberra in a purposed designed facility, also with attached accommodation.

News – Craig Ashhurst

Some of you will know my long time associate Craig Ashhurst, who is in the final throws of completing his PhD at ANU. Having read parts of his thesis this is both radical and ground breaking in its scope.

After 5 years of research on Wicked Problems and Collective Coherence Craig will be ramping up his involvement in CLLR and also offering new modules associated with his research work.

Keep an eye out for this exciting development.


As usual if you wish to contact me regarding these changes and news, the following are available:,,

Best Wishes for 2019

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