By What Method Do You Tackle Risk?

safety methodWhen someone asks how? the meaning is ‘by what method?’

For example, how do you make a coffee? Means by what method do you make a coffee? Do you put milk in first, last or have no milk? Do you use instant, brewed or filtered. You get what I mean.

When it comes to risk and we ask the question: ‘how do you tackle risk?’ it means: ‘what then is your method?’

Similarly, when someone asks you what you do or, how something is done or being done, it’s the same. It means ‘by what method?’. If you are doing safety differently then, what is your method?

Such a question also implies a methodology, a philosophy that drives the method.

When we think of method we think of the old Latin phrase ‘modus operandi’ meaning: ‘heuristics of working’. What operations, procedures or forms of enactments make up the method? These are the enactments (many unconscious) of what you do.

In SPoR we have many methods and tools to help tackle risk. Many are outlined and explained in books that are for free download (

Each book concludes with practical, concrete, positive, constructive and doable examples of how to tackle risk differently.

Many of these concrete tools and methods are also explained in free videos: (a couple of examples below)

If you are interested in tackling risk differently then you can also take the free course in an Introduction to SPoR:

This course will help you start your journey in a practical, concrete, positive, constructive and doable approach to risk.

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