Common Safety Beliefs Surfaced in MiProfile Survey

Common Safety Beliefs Surfaced in MiProfile Survey

imageWe have just conducted another MiProfile Survey this time with a Civil Construction Joint Venture. The survey confirms once again the many myths held in common by workers regarding Safety.

The survey methodology ensures that the data collected is an accurate reflection of common cultural heuristics running hidden on site.

Here are some of the dangerous beliefs held by workers regarding safety and their corresponding percentage of the surveyed population. (The MiProfile database currently exceeds 60,000 participants surveyed across the globe and can be done online or face to face).

Here are the top 10 myths:

  1. The bottom line is get the job done 90%
  2. We are prepared if anything goes wrong 90%
  3. Safety is a choice you make 85%
  4. Safety is about just being careful 80%
  5. People have accidents because they are careless 80%
  6. Inductions are effective 20%
  7. Operational pressures affect safety priorities 75%
  8. Safety is all about common sense 70%
  9. Managers are hypocritical about safety 60%
  10. Will take a shortcut if I think it’s safe 60%

Whilst there are many surveys about in safety few surface myths and dangerous cultural beliefs in the way MiProfile does. Indeed, many of the surveys conducted in safety confuse culture for systems and behaviours.

The reality is, deeply held support for these common myths is where the problem lies with seeking to change culture regarding safety. And the industry itself is part of the problem.

You can also participate in the MiProfile survey on zero here:

The zero survey has over 5000 respondents and demonstrates that the industry doesn’t believe in zero and deems it as a dangerous mantra.

It makes you wonder why the industry and associations keep up all this mythology when so few safety people at the grassroots believe any of it.

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